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Meaningful Use Compliance

Meaningful Use is the set of standards defined by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Incentive Programs that govern the use of electronic health records and allows eligible providers and hospitals to earn incentive payments by meeting specific criteria.

HealthMark Group’s innovative Pay and Download technology adheres to core criteria of Stage 1: disclosing health records and discharge instructions in electronic format when requested electronically.

Authorized third parties have the option of satisfying an invoice by means of credit card or Paypal through HealthMark’s secure website. Upon payment confirmation, the authorized third party has the option of downloading the requested health record to a local computer, tablet, smart phone, or other portable device.

Service Benefits:

  • Eliminate the Purchase of Expensive Encryption Software
  • Enhance Privacy and Security Measures by Disabling USB Ports
  • Achieve Core Criteria of Stage 1 Measures
  • Increase Patient/Physician Satisfaction
  • Provide Tracking and Reporting Required by CMS
  • Rapid Turnaround Time