release updates

Release updates are shared every month.

If you have questions or need assistance configuring any of these new options, please contact your Client Account Manager.

    February 2021 (OTech)

    • NextGen customers can now have new insurance notifications as a task. Currently when a patient indicates new insurance, the clinic staff can be notified via an alert. The staff can now be notified by a task instead. (2198)

    January 2021 (OTech)

    • Health Care Organization (HCO) users can now resend messages (email/text) to patients. By going into uStart/Explore on the communications tab, the HCO’s users can now initiate a resend to any given patient. (1257)
    • Health Care Organizations can now send out forms to patients without an appointment. Please contact your support team if you are interested in taking advantage of this new feature; setup and configuration required. (2114)

    December 2020 (OTech)

    • NextGen customers can now turn off the Appointment Confirmation automation.  Currently, when a patient finishes the precheck process, the “Confirmed” box is checked in their appointment (NextGen).  This can be turned off. (1450)
    • Customers can now configure the window of time that will group appointments together for check-in. Currently, the precheck process will check in the patient for all appointments on the same day. This can now be configured to consider appointments that are within so many minutes of each other as the same appointment. (1755)

    November 2020 (OTech)

    • Efficiency gains have been made to the appointment search algorithm. For large numbers of appointments per day, new and rescheduled appointments on the same day can be retrieved and notified much faster. Same day rescans are occurring every 5 minutes. (#1328) – Automatically enabled
    • New configuration ability to allow some forms to go to the EDR and some to go to the EMR/PMS. Currently, all forms go to either one or the other but now each form can be configured to go to one or the other. (#1345) – Contact support for configuration changes
    • Multiple web products can now be installed on a single server or virtual machine (VM). (#1712) – Contact support if you are interested in transitioning your on-premise servers to a single server.
    • NextGen customers’ patients can now search pharmacies by any combination of name or city when selecting a primary pharmacy. (#1332) –  NextGen only, contact support for configuration changes
    • Athena customers can now allow patients to cancel appointments during pre check-in. (#1388) – Athena only, Contact support for configuration changes