Secure and compliant access to protected health information is critical to quality healthcare. It’s time to embrace a next generation Release of Information platform.

We’re committed to being your partner for Release of Information.
With our award-winning customer service, proprietary software, and industry-leading turnaround times, we’re here to manage the ROI process so you can get back to what matters most…


We’ve Got You Covered

Release of Information

Ensures rapid and compliant response to all requests for medical records, billing records, and diagnostic imaging.

Audit Compliance

Allows peace of mind by ensuring deadlines for releasing health information are achieved.

Clinical Form Support Services

Includes tracking, status, delivery, and more through our web-based platform, MedRelease™.


Our proprietary ROI platform, MedRelease™, enables medical facilities to effectively monitor and manage the ROI process. MedRelease™ provides the necessary tools to stay compliant with complex regulations while streamlining the disclosure process for all parties.

  • Customer Satisfaction 99% 99%
  • Client Retention 98% 98%
  • One Day Turnaround 85% 85%
  • Electronic Delivery 86% 86%

Providers & Staff

My practice currently partners with HealthMark, and I need to:

Requestors & Patients

I have requested records from a healthcare facility that is partnered with HealthMark, and I need to:

We Make It Easy To Transform Your ROI

  • Reduced Overhead Expenses
  • Secure PHI Messaging
  • Systematic E-Delivery
  • Robust Audit Logs and Reporting
  • Accounting of Disclosure and Tracking
  • Integration with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems
“HealthMark Group has been able to efficiently and effectively replace a human resource and financial expense of the practice. We are confident in the services delivered and the ease of workflow in the clinic.”

“Plano Orthopedic has a great partnership with HealthMark Group. They have successfully managed all of our medical record requests for the last decade. This has significantly freed up our staff to provide a higher level of customer service. Additionally, HealthMark’s focus on compliance standards delivers peace of mind to the practice. Plano Orthopedic highly recommends HealthMark Group!”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Healthmark for over 6 years.  The service is fast, reliable, and accurate.  I’m happy to provide my highest recommendation to Healthmark.”


Over 2 million requests processed and counting

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